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Martin Luther Christian School offers an excellent education through a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum that is aligned with Common Core and New Jersey State standards. Students are actively engaged in learning and challenged to apply higher order thinking skills as they continue their education with us!


During the primary grades the focus is on Bible stories and songs of praise and short prayers. As the students grow they learn more about God, prayers, and service to others, they learn how to integrate values into their daily lives. Students are given several opportunities throughout the school year to volunteer and give service to others in the community. Beginning in second grade, students are challenged with weekly memory verses. Weekly themed chapel services are the highlight of our religion program!

Reading/Language Arts

The reading program excites and encourages the student’s love of reading. Our youngest readers receive instruction in phonics, fluency, decoding, and word recognition. Students in grades kindergarten thru second grade work on building their abilities in critical reading and quality writing. All grades incorporate spelling, vocabulary building, and grammar. Grades second thru eighth integrate research skills and speech. Speech helps the students to develop their individual speaking style with an emphasis on the importance of communication across all disciplines and in all situations.

Classroom teachers provide differentiated instruction to enhance the classroom experience. Smartboards and individual Chromebooks are utilized to enhance the student’s reading and language arts curriculum. All components of our reading program challenge our students to become life-long readers.


The mathematics program focuses on developing mathematical skills and a strong number sense through a systematic and sequential approach. Use of technology in the mathematics classroom is an integral part of instruction. The primary grades utilize a program which offers hands-on, practical activities, enabling students to develop a strong mathematical background, as well as critical and algebraic thinking skills. Customized learning strategies help teachers to differentiate instruction in order to offer a program based on the student’s various learning styles and learning needs at each grade level. Through differentiated instruction, students are challenged to learn complex mathematical problems, to broaden their knowledge base, and to apply these skills in life context.


Social Studies

The social studies curriculum in the primary grades focuses on the community and roles of individuals within the community.  The student’s awareness and understanding about school and family life is highlighted by noticing their roles within these settings. The elementary grades learn geography, the history of America and countries of the world. The social studies curriculum in elementary grades reviews various neighborhood communities and New Jersey State history. Middle school students are taught American history. Our social studies curriculum unites current events with the importance of becoming a moral citizen.  All students in grades kindergarten thru eight participate in the yearly History Fair in the spring of every year.



The science curriculum seeks to engage students through classroom discussion and hands-on labs that provide students with an opportunity to connect both concrete and abstract concepts. Students also use applied technology and are introduced to forming hypotheses, identifying problems, carrying out investigations, interpreting data, making inferences and reaching conclusions. Students are instructed through whole group as well as small group instruction. Students are engaged in 21st century learning practices that employ STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts. Every other year, students also participate in a science fair that gives students the experience in employing scientific method, preparing an accompanying written summary report and gives them opportunities to advance to science fairs at local levels.


In the primary grades, instruction encompasses literature appreciation, library skills, and introduction to fiction and non-fiction materials as well as reference materials, and beginning research skill. In the upper grades, instruction is given for information literacy including research skills, and literature appreciation.



Martin Luther Christian School is wireless and the teachers integrate cross-curricular activities. Keyboarding, computer applications and operations, interactive experiences, and ethics are taught at every level. Beginning in kindergarten, students receive instruction in computer classes on the various component functions of the computer, with a strong emphasis on keyboarding. Ongoing instruction builds on the development of skills and exploration as students learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher to support comprehension and build learning. Technology helps to support differentiated learning. Students are educated on Internet safety and are challenged to recognize their ethical responsibility as a user. In support of this, each family signs the Acceptable Use Policy prior to the use of a Chromebook. Every student is assigned a Martin Luther Christian School email address.

Music Program

All students participate in music classes that involve singing, speech, and movement. The students are given the opportunity to share their music in weekly chapel services, as well a Christmas Program and a spring musical. Chapel Sundays give students the chance to sing hymns alongside and in front of the Martin Luther Chapel congregation.

Private Music Lessons

Individual piano lessons are available to students beginning in 2nd grade. Individual piano lessons are taught on a rotating schedule throughout the school day. Recitals are performed by the children at the end of the school year. Fees are in addition to the tuition.

Art Program

The art curriculum introduces children to the history of art with a wide variety of media. The exploration and development of ideas supports creativity and individuality, while strengthening motor skills. The philosophy of this program is to promote a good self image in each child through positive reinforcement of principles and concepts, learned and applied

Physical Education/Health

Throughout the grades, developmentally appropriate health-related physical fitness activities and concept along with skill related physical fitness activities and concepts will be integrated into the curriculum. Health related fitness categories include: Cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Skill Related fitness categories include: Power, speed, agility, balance, and coordination. In addition, health topics such as nutrition, importance of hand washing, and dental care are included in the curriculum for physical education and health.

Special Services

Remedial reading, math and speech therapy services are provided for students. Students are evaluated to determine their strengths and needs. A formal request from the parent is required to begin this process.
Martin Luther Christian School admits students of any race, color, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, and activities made available for students at this school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in educational policies or any school administered programs.